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Bebon with more than 15 years of experience in exporting steel products, especially very professional to processing and export heavy steel plate, corten steel, shipbuilding steel material and steel product processing.


IDEM Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Switches - Plastic …

EUROMAG - Magnetic Actuation - Power series Switching Tolerance up to 12mm Magnetic Non Contact - Type: I-PR TÜv Specified to 80C but designed to work up to 100C.

IDEC - Product: Actuator Key Adjustable Type

Key Features. World’s smallest 4 contact solenoid interlock switch. (35 x 40 x 146 mm) Flexible installation - the head can rotate, allowing 8 different actuator ...[PDF]

HS5E Safety Door Switches - IDEC - IDEC Global

HS5E Safety Door Lock Switches Four-contact safety switch with solenoid interlock. Ideal for use on small doors within limited space. ...

HS5E Miniature w/Locking - IDEC

The HS5E series safety interlock switch provides a cost effective solenoid door interlock in a compact housing. A total of 8 circuit configurations for both spring ...[PDF]

Safety Interlock Switch with Guard Locking KLP …

Safety Interlock Switch with Guard Locking Installation must only be carried out by compet Tightening torque for the lid screws, conduit en Tightening torque for the ...[PDF]


Visit our website: ab/catalogs Publication S117-CA001A-EN-P Safety Switches Non-Contact Switches 3-80 Ferrogard™ GD2 General 1-2-Opto-electronics

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